Managed Security Services

  • 7 Nov 2019
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On this occasion, the client is a supermarket chain with a wide presence in Mexico, which has relied on Ikusi to evolve its information security services.


The supermarket chain has opted for a format of managed security services that Ikusi began to provide through the SOC (Security Operation Center) last October.


This new format will make it possible for the client to operate its current security platforms without the need for on-site personnel, minimizing operating costs, but at the same time having Ikusi specialists at your disposal on each of the platforms, all with response times that ensure operation and stability.


This project is an important challenge for Ikusi in the field of information security, and an excellent start to propose future projects for advanced security services.


Ikusi has developed a model of advanced services that allow to protect and minimize the computer risks of the assets of an organization. Ikusi covers the architecture in a comprehensive way, allowing business partners to acquire the practices of our C-SOC based on an Ikusi Cybersecurity Operating Cycle.

In response to the challenges posed by cybersecurity environments in Mexico, Ikusi provides a 24 hour, 365 days a year service scheme. In this way, the insurance is guaranteed to cover the needs that arise in the organization in this area, always with the support of our security specialists.