The importance of generating security alliances

  • 7 Oct 2019
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The globalization of the economy and the difficulty on the part of the companies to become fully competitive in all the stages of their development and business cycle, as well as their performance in markets other than the one of origin, has caused that the cooperation between companies does not it is only a necessity but almost an intangible asset of modern business relationships.

Collaboration has been beneficial not only for companies but for organizations, governments and society as a whole that can benefit from an environment focused on collaboration to achieve more ambitious goals.

There are successful cases such as 'Partnership on AI' where Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Apple joined forces with the aim of developing cutting-edge artificial intelligence, debating how technological transformation has caused one to think about use it in favor of all.

Apple acquired a company specializing in the development of neural networks called Turi, in addition to becoming the services of the famous and mythical Professor Russ Salakhutdinov to lead his department of development of artificial intelligences. AI applications are already beginning to gain strength in areas outside of computing: it is possible to identify cancer with it, improve images, put smiles on photographs and many other applications. None of that would have been achieved at that speed without collaboration between companies and in this case researchers.

In the field of security systems, an issue that takes executives from sleep is to know if what is being is enough to make projects mature and viable. In addition, the reflection revolves around whether it could move much faster and in other directions if it collaborates between organizations.

A video surveillance solution with or without AI is rarely an immediate use solution, since each company and each installation are different. It is essential to know the purpose of the system and how the captured images will be used. Currently, the viability in security strategies based on video surveillance are only viable if the images that are captured can be processed intelligently for analysis by those responsible for security and this is only possible, if there is collaboration between organizations, academy and manufacturers.

To succeed in a collaboration between business partners, the objective should not focus on technology, but rather on the combination of strengths to achieve a greater specific objective. The close cooperation between organizations for example of analysis of relevant data of a network; video surveillance systems; Manufacturers of high quality video walls systems and highly trained staff will give many better results than just one working in isolation.

In terms of data, AI also has the potential to make current systems more precise, streamline visitor flow in shopping centers or traffic on busy roads. With surveillance systems equipped with AI, if used on multiple servers, it is possible to detect unusual behavior patterns, as well as use data to optimize operational efficiency in facilities. Or allow an AI-based system to monitor the most important highways to facilitate traffic flow and provide quick responses to accident reports.

Ikusi and its partners, show this new world full of technology the opportunity to evolve in favor of the safety of all, and that is why with their alliances we continue working to arrive to offer adequate and complete products for any need.

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