Ikusi, engineering and technology development for business digital transformation

We drive our clients’ competitive advantage in their sectors, establishing long-term relationships with real transformation in mind.

Engineering and technological development

We support you through your digitalization processes

We support you through your digitalization processes

We lead market niches in a continuously changing and evolving scenario, where foresight and flexibility are fundamental driving forces in businesses and organizations.

Throughout our more than 45 years of activity, we have managed to develop a profound knowledge and specialization in our clients’ business fields & sectors. This is a key factor in helping us to understand company needs in this new scenario, in which we have supported them in their digital disruption and operational efficiency processes.

Our business knowledge is reflected in applied technological innovation that seeks to simplify the complex, giving rise to competitive advantages for our clients which enables their ongoing improvement.

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WORLDCOB-CSR is the first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) certification in Latin America and the third worldwide that has been created for companies. This certification has its origin in the international standard of CSR, WORLDCOB-CSR: 2011.1

The WORLDCOB-CSR certification consists of three chapters: labor relations, social support and care of the environment and is granted to companies such as IKUSI that are concerned with achieving a sustainable balance between the development of their commercial activities and the natural and human environment in accordance to what is established in the 10 principles of the UN Global Pact.

What can we offer you?

  • Integration and Engineering Projects

    Business knowledge aimed at transforming companies.

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  • Specialized Business Solutions

    Specialized business applications oriented towards the digital transformation of different sectors.

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  • IT and Telecommunications Networks

    Design, implementation and administration of telecommunications technology and infrastructures.

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  • Advanced Electronics Technology

    Design and manufacture of electronic components and associated services.

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  • CustomizingCustomizing

    We contribute solutions of value to our clients by understanding the keys to their businesses.

  • CommitmentCommitment

    We grow with our customers, establishing long-term relationships.

  • InnovationInnovation

    Understood as leverage for business projects sustainable over time.

  • SpecializationSpecialization

    We lead in market niches and activity sectors with profound expertise.

Ikusi is part of Velatia

Somos Velatia

Velatia is an industrial and technological group conducting its activity in the world of power grids, electronics and communications networks, as well as in the sectors of consultancy, security and aeronautics, where safety, effectiveness and reliability are valued.

We look to the future with the experience our past gives us

  • 2017

    Velatia is 50

  • 2016

    Cisco disthingushes Ikusi as its best partner in collaborative solutions

  • 2015

    Opening of the Remote Control subsidiary in the US

    IoT Partner of the Year to Cisco in LatAm

  • 2014

    Best Cisco Partner in Mexico and LatAm

    IoT Partner of the Year to Cisco in LatAm

  • 2013

    Purchase of Daxa Colombia

    Best Cisco Partner in Mexico and LatAm

  • 2012

    Best Cisco Partner in LatAm

  • 2011

    Best Cisco Partner in LatAm

  • 2010

    Inclusion in Velatia (former Ormazabal Group)

  • 2008

    Purchase of Mexico's Micronet

  • 2007

    Incorporation of Ikusi Colombia

  • 2006

    Acknowledgement of the Ikusi brand in the Forum of Renowned Spanish Brands

    Incorporation of Ikusi Middle East in Dubai, UAE

    Purchase of Bema Steuerungstechnik, now Ikusi GmbH in Alemania

  • 2005

    The company moves to the building in the Technological Park of San Sebastián, current company headquarters

    Príncipe Felipe Award to Entrepreneurial Excellence in Technological Innovation

  • 2003

    Ikusi acquires GS Comunicaciones, now Ikusi Mexico

  • 1999

    Incorporation of Ikusi Chile

  • 1995

    Incorporation of Ikusi ANZ Pty in Australia

  • 1993

    Globalization of the Airports Unit begins with the project for the Santiago de Chile Airport

  • 1991

    Incorporation of Ikusi France

  • 1978

    Ikusi certified as security company (8 August, no. 151)

  • 1977

    Remote control activity begins

  • 1971

    Ikusi was born