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Committed to excellence, technology, sustainability and people, we aspire to offer solutions that contribute to making the world a more connected, sustainable, intelligent, communicative and human place

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability and Global commitment

Sustainability and Global commitment

Ikusi, an integrated part of Velatia, holds a firm stake in sustainability, combining the development of its business with meeting the needs of its interest groups, supporting the community in which it operates and minimizing environmental impact.
This is all demonstrated by the certificates it has achieved and the commitments it implements in line with Velatia strategy:

Our Commitments

  1. To its employees

    To its employees


    - Continuous training
    - Equal Opportunities
    - Policy on Health and Safety in the Workplace

  2. To society

    To society


    - Policy on Quality
    - Policy on Information Security Management

  3. With our clients

    With our clients


    - Information Transparency
    - Policy on the Environment

Research Projects