Integrated security management and operation in keeping with the real and future needs of every infrastructure

Infrastructure security

Processes and technologies that protect everyday life.

Integrated security management and operation in keeping with the real and future needs of every infrastructure

We deploy unified physical security solutions that integrate the best practices, procedures and technologies to ensure the protection of persons and property, as well as operations and installations critical to any activity or sector.

Our integrated security proposal enables Security and IT areas to make their organizations more secure and efficient. We offer exceptional capacities such as a single contact point and support in the design, deployment, management and monitoring of your entire electronic security operations to provide you with optimum capacity for integrated responses to risks and threats.



Professional services

  1. Project engineering services.

    Project engineering services.

    > Design Engineering Services
    > Project and Works Management Services
    > Infrastructure Integration, Configuration and Start-up Services

  2. Support services in operation.

    Support services in operation.

    > Operating Services
    > Technological Surveillance and Consultancy Services
    > Asset and Maintenance Management Services
    > Business Intelligence and Information Exploitation Services


Basque Government Multi-site Projects

In 2015, the Basque Government Security Department decided to launch the internal Guiding Plan project with the aim of bringing the Basque Autonomous Police closer to the citizenry, among other purposes, mobilizing a great part of police human resources as pedestrian street patrols. To meet the needs of this new situation, the Basque Government asked Ikusi for support in designing a technological solution for the centralized and remote management of police offices from three provincial police centers. 

Ikusi defined and designed the functions required on Armadillo, a PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) concept-based solution. In these functions, Armadillo assigns a procedure for execution to each incident type, along with the system to guide the remote security operator, without the need to know the rules specific to each center. 

This Armadillo-supported PSIM functionality enables Territorial Centers to manage police headquarters remotely from a central post, supervising the live video from all the centers on the Armadillo VideoWall module and receiving the incident reports from each center in real time. 

Another added-value function is that provided by the audit modules that enable monitoring the execution of procedures for action and the measurement of the times necessary between each of the actions executed by a security agent.