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We design, implement and administer telecommunications technology and infrastructures, contributing our knowledge and experience to different sectors with specific requirements.

We provide innovative alternatives for technological architectures, aiming to offer our clients the tools required for market leadership through integrated business solutions backed by our renowned business experience, technical knowledge and best industry practices.


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Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Managed IT Services

Smart Parrot and Advanced Collaboration services

Threat Intelligence, Threat Protect, Protect Security

Consultancy, Protect Security, Network Managed Services, and Managed IT services

Ikusi ONCE: Pro-active infraestructure monitoring, support and management

IKUSI ONCE is a unified support center that has three areas with specific roles per request:

  • Cybersecurity Operations Center
  • Network Monitoring and Control Center
  • IT Operations Center with Cloud Management Capability

We act as the strategic partners of our clients, offering close relations and commitment and contributing to the evolution of their businesses. We specialize in supplying ICT infrastructures, cloud, data center, network and communications solutions as well as integrated NOC-SOC and cybersecurity management services.

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